June 2010.

Well maybe not bike trash. Went through Breck had a crepe and got hailed on. And yes that does hurt doing 60 when hail hits you. Spending the night in Glenwood. Great pasta.

When Freedom whispers, “be free”…….Answer her

Free yourself

Free others

That’s what we are doing at Denver Advertising. Starting Friday, our staff is getting on our hogs and heading to Grand Canyon the low and slow way baby. We are biker trash! Burgers, Ribs, oh….what’s that green stuff next to the meat, looks like lettuce. It’s freedom, It’s friendships, It’s life….It’s leather and lot’s of it. Think about it, where else can you wear leather chaps and smell like raw testosterone mixed with 98 octane.  It’s fun, it’s sun and it’s people stopping you after they get out of their cages and want to discuss where you are going, while desiring “please take me with you, I’m stuck, I’m scared, I wanna be free”.

Escape. Free yourself. I give you permission this summer to do something you have never done. Take a risk. I promise you, at 75, we aint gonna look back and wish we would of stayed at work all those extra hours. Yes, work hard, but play hard. Celebrate Life. God created it and He did a wonderful job. Now quit making excuses why you can’t and just buy the ticket and go.

Peace……May Freedom reign and rain in your life.

P.S. I’ll keep ya posted throughout the week.

Beach time low view

Beach Time

Computer family

The days of sitting around and listening to the radio are over.