February 2010.

I loved this. A father holding his son after winning the most important game of his career. And here is the best part, Drew could of cared less. Look at the intensity as his eyes met his sons eyes. Wow. Here is a man that has spent the last 20 plus years preparing for this, just to
accept the success. The real excitement was to be with his son. We believe that Drew’s love demonstrates God’s love for us.

At Denver Advertising, this is what we believe is real living. Yes, it’s important to win the Super Bowls in life (that’s why you hire us) but more importantly is your success with your family. We care about each one of our clients family as much as we care about helping their business grow. We want to help our clients be so successful that they can spend more time at home. And if need be, we will pick up the slack so they can be home more.

We want to assist our clients in being successful

……..and enjoy life.

Creative people have to get out and get their mojo back quite often. Our clients hire Denver Advertising to be creative so it’s mandatory to keep the creative juices high. We were down in Littleton today and both Steve and I enjoy BBQn’ so we stopped by the Savory Spice Shop. They do retail well there. Check them out. Plus if you like amazing spices to Q with, they have the best. This weekend I’ll be smoking Jerk Chicken’ for most of Sunday, just like in the Islands baby.

When it comes to competitors vs. Denver Advertising, there are so many to look at. When you are dealing with Denver Advertising, you are getting a advertising agency that has been recognized by The Denver Business Journal as One of the Top 25 Largest Ad Agencies, recently featured on the front page of The Denver Post and won many awards; but most importantly have helped businesses grow for over 19 years.

We believe when choosing an agency make sure you consider:

1. Do you like your agency personally?  Whoever said business is not personal was lying. Your agency and you will spend a lot of time and as the client you are going to need to be able to trust that your agency “has got your back”.  What can be more personal then when you are writing checks to your agency and either getting the results you expected or worse, not getting the results and still writing the check. I guarantee, it gets personal then!

2. Do they have your vision? Not theirs! Our job is to make you successful with your vision. Now our approaches might be different then yours, that is where number one (above) is so important when it comes to trust. Denver Advertising will fulfill your vision successfully.

3. Is the agency out for you or them? It’s a business and yes, we need to make sure the bottom line is solid and we are not taken advantage of, but at Denver Advertising, we are here to serve you. We will be there with our swords drawn and swinging to win the battle of building your business.

4.  Is the creative fresh and well thought out?  Look there are many freelancers and one-man bands that have great ideas but have no clue how to fulfill them. We have over 19 years of helping businesses grow throughout the nation.  There is no sense in introducing campaigns that we can’t fulfill.

5.  Do they know Search Engine Marketing?  If not, stop what you are doing and pick up the phone and call us.  In today’s competitive market, your agency has to be a full service agency that can fulfill every aspect of your marketing and advertising including and especially THE INTERNET. This way you receive a comprehensive advertising and marketing approach that looks and operates congruently.

6. Are you growing?  At the end of the day, is your business growing?  Bottom line. We don’t care how great the campaign looks, how perfect the copy was or how well the navigation on your site functioned at the end of the day, did we build you more business?

Here is a list of ad agencies to compare. We hope you find the perfect agency to meet your needs and we hope it is us.

‘grey advertising’
‘Cactus Communications’
‘Information Design’
‘Creative Media’
‘Money Mailer’
‘Arrow Advertising’
‘Yellow Book’
‘Denver Advertising’
‘Professional Marketing’
‘Business Times’
‘Fast Track Marketing’
‘Gene Pool’
‘Allegra Print & Imaging’
‘Primary Objective’
‘Lamar Outdoor Advertising’
‘Allied Advertising’
‘Captivate Network’
‘Sterling-Rice Group’
‘Yellow Book USA’
‘Media Solutions’
‘Vanguard Communications’
‘Graham Advertising of Colorado’
‘Summit Graphics’
‘Wandel Press’
‘Hampden Press’
‘Concepts Unlimited’
‘Peak Creative Media’
‘Henry Gill Advertising’
‘McClain Finlon Advertising’
‘Network Affiliates’
‘Integer Group’
‘Black Diamond Concepts’
‘Hanson Group’
‘Cactus Marketing Communications’
‘Sears Portrait Studio’
‘Crispin Porter & Bogusky’
‘leopard communications’
‘Morning Falls’
‘Lorem Ipsum’
‘Media Team’
‘Magna Group’
‘Signature Advertising’
‘Insight Marketing’
‘First Movement’
‘CBS Outdoor’
‘All Over Media’
‘Porter Industries Inc’
‘leopard communications inc’
‘leopard communication’
‘Factory Design’
‘Network Affiliates Inc.’
‘Lighthouse Printing’
‘Thayer Media’
‘O’Brien Advertising’
‘SC Advertising’
‘Amelie Company’
‘factory advertising denver’
‘juice advertising denver’
‘Rck Advertising’
‘Ultimax Advertising’
‘Cultivator Advertising’
‘sukle advertising denver’
‘o brien advertising denver’
‘Lundwall Communications’
‘cactus advertising denver’
‘Winter Advertising Group’
‘level five marketing’
‘Asset One Marketing Group’
‘Aspire Marketing Group’
‘bayard advertising agency denver’
‘Bayard Advertising Agency Inc.’
‘henry gill communications’
‘Sukle Advertising and Design’
‘signature advertising denver’
‘mcclain finlon advertising denver’
‘PGM Integrated’
‘Aero Designs’
‘Milesbrand Inc.’
‘integer advertising denver’
‘Sadler & Dorchester’
‘pure advertising denver’
‘Level 5 Marketing’
‘obrien advertising denver’
‘Advertising Production Resources’
‘Juice Communications’
‘barnhart advertising denver’
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‘Another Color Inc.’
‘Droy Advertising’
‘Avocet Communications’
‘miles advertising denver’
‘Cohn Marketing Group’
‘United Advertising Corporation’
‘BK Media Group’
‘Aim Direct Marketing’
‘Allied Advertising Public Relations’
‘strada advertising denver’
‘Strada Advertising’
‘Miles Advertising’
‘Davey Coach Sales Inc’
‘Hill & Co’
‘Product Development Corp’
‘marketing agencies in colorado’
‘Suzanne Jalbert’
‘Clifford Group’
‘Shine Inc’
‘Winter Group’
‘Hanna Design’
‘Visual Image Advertising’
‘National Cinemedia Inc’
‘Howe Creative’
‘Memolink Inc’
‘Adex Media Inc’
‘Graham Advertising’
‘Aor Inc’
Vladimir Jones
‘Swartz Commercial Photography’
‘Amelie Co’
‘BETTINGER Photography’
‘Rich Clarkson & Assoc’
‘Keech Design Studio’
‘Montano Communications’
‘Benson Communications LLC’
‘New Wave Promotions’
‘Jacor Broadcasting of Colorado’
‘Porcupine Signs Inc’
‘Rising Graphics & Printing Inc’
‘Morey-Evans Advertising Inc’
‘Tangram Design LLC’
‘Showcase Marketing Inc’
‘Sadler & Dorchester Inc’
‘Morey Mahoney Advertising Inc’
‘Advertising Group Intl’
‘Faction Media LLP’
‘Conifer Copies Inc’
‘Integer Group LLC’
‘360 Media’
‘Design & Image Communications’
‘TMP Directional Marketing LLC’
‘KEAR Stevens Creative’
‘Mighty Fudge Studios’
‘Darcy Communications Inc’
‘USA One Interactive Inc’
‘Robertson Advertising Inc’
‘Zealous Media’
‘His Kingdom Come Inc’
‘Noble Erickson Inc’
‘Instant Access Media LLC’
‘Privilege Flyer’
‘U Creative Group’
‘Souders Studios’
‘Mc Clain Finion Advertising’
‘Piare Mohan Portraits’
‘Castalian Music LLC’
‘Matter LLC’
‘Cultivator Advertising & Dsgn’
‘Attache International Mktg Inc’
‘Spin Creative Studio’
‘Ornery Tiger Press’
‘CK Media LLC’
‘Atlas Destination Real Estate’
‘Barnhart CMILC’
‘Infrared Professionals’
‘Nextmedia Group Inc’
‘Karsh & Hagan Inc’
‘Leanin’ Tree Museum-Wstrn Art’
‘Scream Ad & Pr’
‘Xylem Digital’
‘Prime Time For Seniors’
‘Media Strategies & Research’
‘Yema Hispanic Advertisement’
‘Comcast Spotlight Inc’
‘Proconcepts Intl’
‘Western Dairyfarmers Promotion’
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‘Lucid Dimensions’
‘Anderson Mc Kibbon Creative’
‘Vanthomas Agency’
‘Outdoor Promotions Inc’
‘Design & Print Cs’
‘Stortz Design’
‘Affiliated Business Conslnts’
‘Valpak Direct Mail Advertising’
‘Weaver Design Inc’
‘Terri O’Brien Advertising’
‘Baum Arensmeier &Talent Inc’
‘Winter Advertising Group Inc’
‘Twist Design Group’
‘US Media Services’
‘3 Roads Media’
‘Matrix Creative Group Inc’
‘Tomlin Advertising’
‘Cactus Communications Inc’
‘Movingads Inc’
‘Fine Line Signs Graphics’
‘Keeplan Winter Sports’
‘Century Advertising & Services’
‘Brian Marks Photography’
‘Graham Group Inc’
‘Tucker Wells Advertising Inc’
‘Wirestone advertising’
‘Trueffect Inc’
‘Media Stragegy Group’
‘De Sciose Productions’
‘Hytec advertising’
‘Katalina Group’
‘Page 1 Solutions LLC’
‘Oblique Design’
‘Karsh and Hagan’
‘Spark Creative LLC’
‘TKA Advertising & Design’
‘Vermilion Inc’
‘Arthouse Design’
‘Heinrich Marketing Inc’
‘Larry Cobb & Associates Inc’
‘Platinum Ppc Marketing Inc’
‘NAS Recruitment Communications’
‘Longmont Printing Inc’
‘Grfx Communications’
‘Vista Marketing Network’
‘Marketing Etcetera Inc’
‘Color Pro Print Of Colorado’
‘Apre Designer Portraits’
‘Retail Design Group Inc’
‘Tj Enterprises’
‘Kirkland Photography & Design’
‘Creative Instinct’
‘Splash Mobile Media’
‘Source Unlimited Inc’
‘Bawmann Group Inc’
‘Sterling-Rice Group Inc’
‘Ubquity Design’
‘Creative Alliance Inc’
‘Creative Dimensions Inc’
‘Sage Marketing Group Inc’
‘Creative Baraka’
‘Candid Wedding Photographers’
‘Monster Worldwide Inc’
‘Lauren Graphics Inc’
‘Westar Media Group Inc’
‘Christopherson & Co-Mktg’
‘Longs Peak Communicators’
‘Signtech Inc’
‘EGG Strategy Inc’
‘Good Neighbor Press’
‘Groves Associates’
‘Idearc Media’
‘James Mc Cory Photography’
‘Anabliss Design’
‘Susan Passmore Creative’
‘Ad Edge LLC’
‘Multi-Net Marketing Inc’
‘Bowman Publication’
‘Rabbit Hill Graphics’
‘Graphic Directions & Advg Inc’
‘Spillt LLC’
‘Tda Advertising & Design Inc’
‘Rush Media & Communications’
‘Young Electric Sign Co’
‘Archetype 5’
‘Advertising Production Rsrcs’
‘In Line Media Inc’
‘Mile High Outdoor Advertising’
‘Studio Strimbu’
‘Elevation Outdoor Advg Inc’
‘Twin Visions Digital Design’
‘Cameron Christopher & Thomas’
‘Oswego Creative Inc’
‘Uli Creative’
‘R P Alpha Group’
‘Olympian Marketing Group’
‘Kostka Gleason Communications’
‘Hoffman Advertising’
‘Location3 Media Inc’
‘Griff SMC Inc’
‘Red Letter Publishing’
‘Newell Ledbetter Advertising’
‘Leopard Communications Inc’
‘Tri-Lakes Advertising Guild’
‘CBS Outdoor Inc’
‘Sage Creative’
‘Basis Group’
‘Action Innovations Inc’
‘Carousel Productions Inc’
‘Ayers Advertising & Marketing’
‘New Maturity Media’
‘Merchantcirlce Marketing’
‘Marquette Group Western Region’
‘Littell Studio’
‘National Marketplace Inc’
‘Lange Graphics Inc’
‘Dex Media Inc’
‘Tool Studio LLC’
‘Third & Main Photography’
‘Nuf Said Advertising’
‘Print Buyers International Inc’
‘Publication Design Inc’
‘Sam Cooper Design Co’
‘Showcast Talent Source LLC’
‘Andy J Kosley’
‘Ryden & Assoc’
‘Assiette Enterprises Inc’
‘Extra Strength Marketing Comms’
‘Yesco Outdoor Media’
‘Studio Signorella’
‘Admobile Of Colorado Springs’
‘Kevin Medina Group’
‘Duran’s Demo Works LLC’
‘Roger Reynolds Digital Imaging’
‘Technology By WBMB’
‘Zemi Photographics’
‘Henry Gill Inc’
‘Young & Rubicam Inc’
‘Big League Graphics’
‘Allegory Advertising’
‘J Walter Thompson USA Inc’
‘Wise River Co’s Inc’
‘Guzofsky Communications Inc’
‘SC Advertising LLC’
‘Creative Strategies Group’
‘Colorado Adventure Guide’
‘Rocky Mountain Reader Service’
‘Clay Pot Creative’
‘Thomas Taber & Drazen’
‘ADS Publishing’
‘Explore Communications Inc’
‘Street Source Marketing & Comm’
‘Liquid Graphics Inc’
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‘CTK Software’
‘Vitesse Advertising’
‘Mountainview Lighting Group LL’
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‘Watermark Advertising’
‘Creative Advertising Group’
‘Interlink Advertising Services’
‘O’Brien Advertising Inc’
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‘Sandia Advertising & Design’
‘Origin Communications Inc’
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‘Ellish Marketing Group LLC’
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‘Beightol Photo Media’
‘Military Cable Ads Inc’
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‘Holcombe Photography’
‘Lyon’s Productions LLC’
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‘Bragdon & Co’
‘A Better Brand’
‘Sullivan Direct Mktg Advrtsng’
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‘Texture Media’
‘Creative Logic Marketing’
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‘Proxy Partners LLC’
‘H B & A’
‘Saatchi & Saatchi Dfs INC’
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‘Flying Horse Communications’
‘Snappy Print’