April 2011.

You always here people complaining about how much ‘junk mail’ they receive (via the post office or their in-box) – which makes you think twice about using direct mail for your company. Don’t be scared, direct mail is powerful, profitable, cost effective, and best of all, IT WORKS!!

One of the biggest benefits of using direct mail for you company is that you specify exactly what you want to be said and who you want to target, and then only send it to those individuals.  For instance, direct mail can be targeted towards certain demographics such as age, sex, income, religious beliefs, ethnicity, geographical areas, family size, household type, and more.

Denver Advertising has doubled businesses throughout the years using direct mail. Direct mail advertising reaches an abundance of clients at lower costs than some other forms of advertising. Dollar for dollar, direct mail is still one of our favorite mediums for building your business.