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Production isn’t the only essential part of traditional advertising, the other half is all about the media buy (and the printing if applicable). Good news for you is that we know both. We’ve mastered the field in Denver and have the experience to do business in other states as well. Let’s break traditional media down by each category.
T.V. spots can seem overwhelming to a new business because of the price and the thought of bringing it all together can be intimidating. Here’s a tip to make it less stressful on you: let us do it all. This is what advertising companies were made for! We have clients provide us with the main points they’d like us to include in the commercial and from there we’ll write a script and provide a storyboard to pitch our best ideas to you. Once the script gets approved we’ll go ahead and contact local stations to pick out the best media buy for you. We’ll make sure we find a fair price and a spot schedule that will best reach your target audience. From initial brainstorming all the way to the first airing of your ad, you can expect professionalism and the highest quality of work throughout the whole process. The process of making a radio spot is pretty similar. You give us the talking points, we’ll write the script, we’ll have some talent read it and then we’ll find the best time to air it.

Printing Denver

Print ads are the oldest form of advertising but still a very effective strategy. Print ads can be used for direct mail campaign (which, P.S., these still work), for magazines, for posters, for handouts or for newspapers. The same process happens here from creation to the buying process but additionally, we’ll have them printed for you. Worries about finding a printing place in Denver? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We know a guy that offers what we think is the best printing in Denver. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves for things that will get people’s attention rather than being dropped in the recycling bin before it makes it to the decision maker’s desk. We’ve got 25 years worth of experience creating print ads and our printing connection has many years of printing experience in Denver, so together that’s a darn good combination for successful Denver print advertising, for direct mail anyways. Unfortunately our printing company friend can’t help us out with printing in magazines and newspapers BUT we’ve got connections with magazine and newspaper placements, in Denver and nationally, as well.

Advertising Companies

With each traditional medium, you can see that our full-service label shines through by the fact that we take your project from the very start to beyond the finish through our trackable results. As with any ads we create, we will use some sort of trackable number, landing page, etc. to monitor the success of each campaign. And as always, we’ll back our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

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